Bark Like a Dog or Quack Like a Duck

Do You Quack or Bark? You most certainly have heard the phrase, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…then it must be a duck.” A duck is very unique, docile and friendly enough to eat out of your hand at the park. Ducks quack. They are relatively harmless, unless they are swimming […]

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Mass vs Silo Marketing

I am not going to go all religious on you, but have you ever considered the fact that there is one God and many religions (atheists and agnostics bear with me…there is a point)? If you follow the Bible, the Tora or the Quran, you (mostly) believe in a higher power, and you might even agree that […]

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The Pitch Fork…The Devil Is In The Details

Making The Pitch All day long we are bombarded with ads…in emails, on social media and especially on those quizzes (I should live in Hawaii by the way). If you attend webinars, you know it’s coming. People don’t go through all that effort for grins and giggles. At some point they are going to try to sell […]

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75 Things We Used To Carry Around That Now Fit In A Pocket

Phone Answering Machine Flashlight Address Book Day-Timer Note Pad Dictionary Thesaurus Rhyming Dictionary Dictation Machine Walkman MP3 Player 8 Track Player Camera Map Magazines Calendar Name Tag Credit Card Machine Bible Calculator Remote Control Photo Album Compass Guitar Tuner Metronome Radio TV Multitrack Recorder Handheld Video Game Mirror Gift Cards Coupons Airplane Tickets GPS Newspaper […]

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website traffic concept

Googled Yourself Lately?

News Flash…Google has Changed! The not so funny thing about the above title is this post will last forever…Google is ALWAYS CHANGING! Google is in the business of change. They now make phones (Android – Apple), computers (Chromebooks – Microsoft) and internet (Google Fiber – Comcast). What does Google do best? (better than anyone in the universe?)… […]

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Young Boy In Suit Doing His Tie

What Do You Want People To Do?

During our radio show on BlogTalk Radio, my co-host Jan Marino said, “I am working on this new word I found in a Jumble…it’s called FOCUS!” In today’s digital world, focus is becoming more and more of a challenge. Most of us carry around a distraction machine in our pocket or purse (I wear mine on my […]

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Dear visitor

Five Ways You Can Generate Better Content

Whether you know it or not… you are generating content. Every bit, byte, and document you use by using a computer, tablet or smart phone is creating data. Every search you do in Google, Yahoo and Bing creates data. Nowadays, even turning your TV on is generating data. And you thought you were just sharing an article on Google+, […]

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Internet Marketing Confusion Shows Online SEO Strategy And Development

The 7 Internet Marketing Tools Every Small Business Needs

I was at a meeting this week with a new client who had a sixth sense that something was not right in “Internetmarketingville.” The problem wasn’t that they were not being found on the internet, it was that they were not in control of their own destiny because they were NOT paying attention to what was […]

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People and binary data concept

FEELING IGNORED? – 10 Confusing Clichés with Social Media

Guilty as charged. Nobody starts out using social networks and gets it right out of the staring blocks. It’s a process. I have been using it for almost 6 years (somewhat of a late adopter in some circles), and I am still learning. The first day I joined Facebook, my cell phone and computer staring dinging like […]

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Hail To Trusted Viral Marketing

I live in Chicago. Back in April, I was teaching a class on the second floor of my local community college when the sky turned pitch black and then we hear golf ball size hail hitting the windows. It was loud and freaky. My car was sitting outside, but must have been shielded by a building and […]

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