How-To Get People To Listen Your Message (WIIFM) What’s In It For Me

4 TV Stations and 3 Radio Stations Back when I was a kid I had to walk uphill to school … both ways … barefoot! Just kidding, but really we only had 4-5 TV stations and limited radio stations. We had rabbit ears on our TV or an antenna on our roof (depending how far we were […]

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Cost per Click

Proactive Profits – Make More Money With Online Advertising

Say It Ain’t So? So some of you are thinking, “Brian … no!” but yes, I am talking about paying for advertising! Most of what I post, podcast and talk about are ways to get organic traffic to your website while avoiding paying for advertising. Sometimes paying for traffic and business just makes sense. I have a client who spends […]

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hand stop dominoes continuous toppled

How-To Awaken Customers And Excite Them Out Of Hiding?

Your Perfect Avatar Somewhere, hanging around the Internet and the world, are your perfect customers. They look a lot like you. They are also similar to your current favorite customers or clients; the ones who you love to take their phone calls or answer their emails. But how do you find more customers just like […]

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Large group of people forming the symbol of a dollar sign. Concept of success.

Are You Connecting With The 6 Right People?

A Well Deserved Break Last week I took a mini vacation from blogging, podcasting and many other things. I did this because I was at a conference, down in Atlanta, called NAMS (novice to advanced marketing systems). Some of you may not have called that a vacation, but to me I just need time to recharge my batteries and […]

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Website designer working with the new computer interface as design concept

People Will Profit From What You Are Selling … But Do They Know Why?

Profit For The People One of the greatest feelings I get as a business person is when I help others make more money. That is the purpose of my business. I believe that marketing should always be an investment and never an expense. That is why I look at taking on new customers as a two way street […]

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