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Five Ways You Can Generate Better Content

Whether you know it or not… you are generating content. Every bit, byte, and document you use by using a computer, tablet or smart phone is creating data. Every search you do in Google, Yahoo and Bing creates data. Nowadays, even turning your TV on is generating data. And you thought you were just sharing an article on Google+, […]

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Internet Marketing Confusion Shows Online SEO Strategy And Development

The 7 Internet Marketing Tools Every Small Business Needs

I was at a meeting this week with a new client who had a sixth sense that something was not right in “Internetmarketingville.” The problem wasn’t that they were not being found on the internet, it was that they were not in control of their own destiny because they were NOT paying attention to what was […]

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People and binary data concept

FEELING IGNORED? – 10 Confusing Clichés with Social Media

Guilty as charged. Nobody starts out using social networks and gets it right out of the staring blocks. It’s a process. I have been using it for almost 6 years (somewhat of a late adopter in some circles), and I am still learning. The first day I joined Facebook, my cell phone and computer staring dinging like […]

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Hail To Trusted Viral Marketing

I live in Chicago. Back in April, I was teaching a class on the second floor of my local community college when the sky turned pitch black and then we hear golf ball size hail hitting the windows. It was loud and freaky. My car was sitting outside, but must have been shielded by a building and […]

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Social (Not About Me) dia… OK Maybe a Little Bit

So I open up Facebook and there it was… something I was dreading. I was tagged in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by my friend and teacher Felicia Slattery. “Ok Kristen Eckstein, I did it!! And now I nominate Jeff Herring, Shannon Cherry, Brian Basilico, & Lou Bortone. #IceBucketChallenge give at My charity is” Now a little background.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has […]

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Business man and meeting table background

Social Media From The C-Suite – Purpose, Process & Profits

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That I had the pleasure to sit down to breakfast the other day with a friend who is an executive coach. We started talking about social media successes and he expressed to me that quite a few of his C-Level (CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO, etc) clients understand that social networking and social […]

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When You Teach… You Learn Twice

Just Do It Have you ever been invited to, or seen a conference that looks interesting but you were torn about if or why you should go? So I get this Facebook message from my coach.  She says “You are going to this conference in Atlanta in two weeks.” Two problems… I was not planning on […]

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People are Strange… When You’re a Stranger

Open The Doors “People are strange when you’re a stranger – Faces look ugly when you’re alone – Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted – Streets are uneven when you’re down”  The Doors How many emails do you get a day? 10? 100? 1000? (If it’s the latter I will suggest a support group or a personal assistant). […]

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A Side of Bacon With Your Content Marketing… It’s What’s For Breakfast

Bacon is AWESOME I say BACON and you perk up.  I know this because the two most shared things are: #1 Kittens, #2 Bacon (Why? I don’t know?). The only thing more powerful is a kitten eating bacon (or a kitten made out of bacon) Bacon… You can see it, you can smell it cooking, you […]

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HOW DARE THEY? Google has Changed (Again)…

“I had a pet peeve…  He ran away” – Stephen Wright Google has changed again… and again…  and again!  If you set up a Google Local account, you need to revisit it and review your profile. I suggest you Google yourself or your business, and I hope you do it today! When perusing some of my favorite […]

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