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5 Steps To Building Your Perfect Brand

Troubleshooting My degree is in electronics as an ET (electronics technician).  So, I know some of you are asking … who cares? You will care once you understand the methodology of troubleshooting and how that can help you hack into your perfect brand. The art of troubleshooting is counter intuitive to most standard problem solving. Standard problem solving […]

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Best Golf picture series

What Does Golf Have To Do With A Marketing Strategy That Works?

I Love Golf! It’s a simple game, where you try to hit a little, white ball into a little cup in the ground hundreds of yards away. Sounds simple, right? Trust me, it is not. The average golfer shoots 100 (on a par 72 course) meaning golfers make an average of 28 mistakes per round of 18 […]

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Conversions Blue Arrows with Slogan on a Grey Background Indicate the Direction.

Are You Converting From Your Online Activities?

We all spend lot of time online (at least I assume you do since you are reading this). We check email, work on our websites, post on social media and so on. So, I ask you, are all of these activities profitable? Not everything we do is going to be cash focused, but at least […]

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clock shows the approach of the new year

Start Looking Back … To Move Forward

Past … Present … Future The New Year is filled with hope and promise – I hope you start out with a plan and I promise that people are going to try to steer you from that plan! Those plan-wranglers start out with the best intentions, but ultimately it’s up to you. Even with a New […]

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Future, Present and Past words on a red speedometer to predict what's coming next and looking forward to a successful tomorrow

Need A Kick Start? Start Off Strong With A System

Resolve To Be Resolute Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We all know people who have joined gyms with nothing but the best intentions… Only 12% of all gym members sign up in January. 80% of those who joined a gym in January quit within five months. Only about 18% of people who buy memberships use […]

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Are You Making The Most of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a not a staple in my daily social media diet, but I can tell you that foodies, fashionistas and hobbyists are flocking there in droves every day. Those topics are the most searched pins and boards on Pinterest. But, I can tell you that Pinterest is so much more than just that. Yes, you can search for Bacon, […]

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