People are Strange... When You're a Stranger

People are Strange… When You’re a Stranger

Open The Doors “People are strange when you’re a stranger - Faces look ugly when you’re alone - Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted - Streets are uneven when you’re down”  The Doors How many emails do you get a day? 10? 100? 1000? (If it’s the latter I will suggest a support group or a personal assistant). […]

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A Side of Bacon With Your Content Marketing… It’s What’s For Breakfast

Bacon is AWESOME I say BACON and you perk up.  I know this because the two most shared things are: #1 Kittens, #2 Bacon (Why? I don’t know?). The only thing more powerful is a kitten eating bacon (or a kitten made out of bacon) Bacon… You can see it, you can smell it cooking, you […]

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HOW DARE THEY? Google has Changed (Again)…

“I had a pet peeve…  He ran away” – Stephen Wright Google has changed again… and again…  and again!  If you set up a Google Local account, you need to revisit it and review your profile. I suggest you Google yourself or your business, and I hope you do it today! When perusing some of my favorite […]

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CYA – 5 Tools You Need To Manage Your Website Today

I hate this phone call…  “My web site is down?” Generally this means one of two things…  I have to go all NCIS on a server to determine what happened to the server or the software, or a person who wanted a budget website without support is about to get angry. I’ve seen all kinds […]

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Bye-Bye Technorati (As We Knew It)

Change happens so fast in this new age of marketing that sometimes it goes unnoticed. With so many platforms, websites, tools and more at your fingertips, what can you and should you watch? Which ones are most important to you and your business? Where should you pay attention and what if they went away? Would that hurt […]

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The Future of Social Media… Is Social Networking

Let me save you from the suspense… The Future of Social Media is CHANGE! Some of us view this rapid pace of change as innovation in motion, while others look at it as “Death by 1000 cuts!” Having spent countless hours learning to adapt to all the daily updates to the current social networking sites, Embrace change. […]

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Technology Grows Tech-Know-logy

People get very passionate on social media. One of the things I try to teach people is “If you want to polarize or tick-off 1/2 your audience… talk politics or religion.” Whether you are talking personal brand or business brand, you stir emotions that will attract or repel people. People sometimes push back by saying […]

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Have You Tweeked Your Bull-Shi-Tometer Lately?

We all have them…  Our catch phrases, pitches, prognostications that help us make client feel comfortable that we know what the heck we are talking about. Can you show a customer where you give them value and a return on investment?  Can your product or service makes people feel better or make them money and prove it? […]

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Sending A Message With A Post It Note

ROI = Raising Others Interest

Attention Advertising is dying because everyone can get it for free on social media… if you buy that I have a bridge I’d like to show you! I am still seeing tons of people who want to use social media but don’t understand it’s used. How many ads have you seen that promise you tens of […]

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How’s Your Bucket?

What’s measured improves ― Peter F. Drucker But I want to take that a step further… What’s measured and evaluated, and acted upon, and measured again, and changed, and evolved…  IMPROVES! I see it all the time. People and companies treat online stuff like a brochure. They work tirelessly on the design, the wording, the paper, […]

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