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7 Steps To Making The Most Of Google+

      The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain Every time another social media tool is added to the sandbox, it waters down the sand. Periscope, Meerkat and Vine are tools for video. There is for content, Sumo Me for connections and so many more where you can visit and spin your wheels. Most of us can barely handle the top […]

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Are You Making The Most Of Instagram?

There is an ongoing joke about social media, “Kids are leaving Facebook in droves, because their mothers are logging in.” There is a lot of truth to that, but where are they going? They are jumping onto Twitter and Instagram. They love that short attention span theater and quick messaging platform. Twitter and Instagram are more one-to-one. They […]

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The Art Of Powerful Presentations

We’ve all been there … listening to a presentation that sounds like Ben Stein talking about the quantum mechanics of growing grass. You don’t really want to be that person, do you? You want to WOW your crowd, engage them, and turn fans into fanatics. It all starts with understanding the basics of giving great presentations. You’ve […]

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Tell Me Your Story and I’ll Tell You Mine

Once upon a time, there was a small business owner who was struggling to find new customers. He had tried all of the advertising systems like Google and Yelp, yet he saw limited success at a high price. Feeling frustrated, he tried some online and self-paced courses, but found the time commitment was too much to mix into his busy […]

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