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Enough With The Promises … You Need Results!

Enough With The Promises I don’t know about you, but I am inundated with ads. These ads come up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I also get ads via email. These ads are promising to make you rich… right? Just go through this Facebook training and you’ll learn how to make millions of dollars online. Just hire […]

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Are Your Social Media Posts Making You Money?

I was given the opportunity to give two different presentations, to two different organizations on the same topic, “How Do I Make Money On Social Media?”. Well, guess what? You can make money on social media. I have done it and my clients have done it. But here is the rub … you don’t make money from […]

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5 Things To … Leverage Leveraging Through Influencing Influencers!

It Takes A Fulcrum! I was not much of a student in high school.  There are very few things that I learned that I still use today, but I do remember one science class where my teacher talked about a fulcrum. A fulcrum is where you use one stone and a board to move another stone. It’s […]

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Frantic, unorganized businessman unsuccessfully tries to use many post-it notes to remind him of his busy schedule and appointments.

Compelled To Procrastinate? Is Time Management A Real Thing?

Too Much Time On Your Hands? If you run a business, I seriously doubt it! There are pro-crastinators, but no amateur-crastinators? What’s up with that? Actually, they talk about pre-crastination in an article in Scientific American. “Pre-crastination is the inclination to complete tasks quickly just for the sake of getting things done sooner rather than later. People […]

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How-To Get People To Listen Your Message (WIIFM) What’s In It For Me

4 TV Stations and 3 Radio Stations Back when I was a kid I had to walk uphill to school … both ways … barefoot! Just kidding, but really we only had 4-5 TV stations and limited radio stations. We had rabbit ears on our TV or an antenna on our roof (depending how far we were […]

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Cost per Click

Proactive Profits – Make More Money With Online Advertising

Say It Ain’t So? So some of you are thinking, “Brian … no!” but yes, I am talking about paying for advertising! Most of what I post, podcast and talk about are ways to get organic traffic to your website while avoiding paying for advertising. Sometimes paying for traffic and business just makes sense. I have a client who spends […]

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How-To Awaken Customers And Excite Them Out Of Hiding?

Your Perfect Avatar Somewhere, hanging around the Internet and the world, are your perfect customers. They look a lot like you. They are also similar to your current favorite customers or clients; the ones who you love to take their phone calls or answer their emails. But how do you find more customers just like […]

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