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Did You Read That Email?

Come On Feel The Noise… How many emails do you get per day, per week, per year? My guess is too many. I get 100 per day and that’s down from 250 per day. I worked really hard to remove myself from email lists that I never subscribed to and others that have become irrelevant as of today! Email is […]

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Brand of Brothas (and Sistas)

Do you or your business have brand? Of course they do. Can you verbalize it? Now, if I was to ask 100 of your customers what that brand is, what percentage of their answers would match yours? A brand is so much more than just a logo; it’s flavor, service, handshakes, uniforms, colors, smells, flooring […]

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Why You Want To Use WordPress?

“If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning!” You may be too young to remember this song, and I am not sure if there has been a remake of the 60’s hit by Peter, Paul & Mary. It was a song written by Pete Seeger that spoke of revolution and change a coming. Websites and the Internet […]

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What Is a Killer Website?

Takeoff… We sometimes take things for granted. I headed to Orlando today to speak at a conference on social media. At the airport, I stopped to take a picture of our plane that was outside the window. This million pound monstrosity lifts hundreds of people plus thousands of pounds of cargo off of the ground and gets us from […]

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Crossing the Moat… What is Internet Marketing?

The Moat How romantic were the Knights of the Roundtable? They knew how to protect their domicile. They had a castle with big walls, and then they dug a moat (a big trench) around their castle. Why? To protect their people and to keep out intruders. Then, they built a drawbridge that could be raised or lowered based on what they wanted to […]

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Bark Like a Dog or Quack Like a Duck

Do You Quack or Bark? You most certainly have heard the phrase, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…then it must be a duck.” A duck is very unique, docile and friendly enough to eat out of your hand at the park. Ducks quack. They are relatively harmless, unless they are swimming […]

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Mass vs Silo Marketing

I am not going to go all religious on you, but have you ever considered the fact that there is one God and many religions (atheists and agnostics bear with me…there is a point)? If you follow the Bible, the Tora or the Quran, you (mostly) believe in a higher power, and you might even agree that […]

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The Pitch Fork…The Devil Is In The Details

Making The Pitch All day long we are bombarded with ads…in emails, on social media and especially on those quizzes (I should live in Hawaii by the way). If you attend webinars, you know it’s coming. People don’t go through all that effort for grins and giggles. At some point they are going to try to sell […]

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