Affiliate Marketing … Associating With The Right Crowds

Do you remember the 1979 gang movie “Warriors”? At one point in the movie, Luther, leader of the Rogues, a gang in New York City, calls to fight the Warriors from Long Island. Clicking 3 beer bottles together, he repeats over and over, “Warriors, come out to play-I-ay? Warriors, come out to play-I-ay?” Warrior Plus happens to be one of […]

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Business man hand shows success flow chart on his hand

Dewd, Pass Me That Joint … Venture!

Junior Varsity Way back in high school (I mean WAY BACK), JV stood for junior varsity. I loved playing football! When I was in middle school I was a bruiser middle linebacker. I realized when entering high school as a freshman that all of a sudden the kids were 5 to 6 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than I […]

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Do You Have A Sales Funnel?

Do you remember participating in science fairs as a little kid? There were all kinds of cool experiments involving magnets, paper and lots of other stuff. But by far the coolest experiment that always got everybody’s attention was the erupting volcano. It was pretty simple and you literally had one shot at it. You created a papier-mâché […]

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Communication concept

Your Text Is Calling … And It Wants to be Copy-RIGHT!

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”, however, I am also sure, that if you just describe each picture with 1000 words, you will bore people to tears. Pictures and words work hand in glove … especially on the Internet. Ultimately, it’s the words that will convince people to buy or not to […]

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bulb head

Oh Look … Bright, Shiny Objects!

Are you a slave to beeps, bops, boops, dings, doubts, dees, does and the all-important vibrate? If so, you may be suffering from what is commonly known as Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome! This is not a new phenomenon; it’s been around since one of the first cavemen saw his neighbor making a fire. Those of us in business, who […]

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