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Shift Happens… Start Finding New Ways To Maximize It

Today I’m kind of sad. I lost a really good long term customer, somebody I’ve been doing monthly maintenance on multiple websites and a whole bunch of other things for years. I got an email yesterday that said, “We’re here to inform you that we’re terminating your agreement as of the end of the month.” […]

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The 3 Big Mistakes People Make When Reading Google Analytics

One of the biggest assets you have in your business is data. I mean, we hear this talk about big data and all kinds of data. From a small business standpoint, there are some basic things you can look at that are really going to help you get your arms around what’s happening. The first […]

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Enough With The Promises … You Need Results!

Enough With The Promises I don’t know about you, but I am inundated with ads. These ads come up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I also get ads via email. These ads are promising to make you rich… right? Just go through this Facebook training and you’ll learn how to make millions of dollars online. Just hire […]

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How-To Get People To Listen Your Message (WIIFM) What’s In It For Me

4 TV Stations and 3 Radio Stations Back when I was a kid I had to walk uphill to school … both ways … barefoot! Just kidding, but really we only had 4-5 TV stations and limited radio stations. We had rabbit ears on our TV or an antenna on our roof (depending how far we were […]

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Cost per Click

Proactive Profits – Make More Money With Online Advertising

Say It Ain’t So? So some of you are thinking, “Brian … no!” but yes, I am talking about paying for advertising! Most of what I post, podcast and talk about are ways to get organic traffic to your website while avoiding paying for advertising. Sometimes paying for traffic and business just makes sense. I have a client who spends […]

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People Will Profit From What You Are Selling … But Do They Know Why?

Profit For The People One of the greatest feelings I get as a business person is when I help others make more money. That is the purpose of my business. I believe that marketing should always be an investment and never an expense. That is why I look at taking on new customers as a two way street […]

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Are You Converting From Your Online Activities?

We all spend lot of time online (at least I assume you do since you are reading this). We check email, work on our websites, post on social media and so on. So, I ask you, are all of these activities profitable? Not everything we do is going to be cash focused, but at least […]

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The Online Marketing Trifecta … Generate New Leads

It’s A Race… Online marketing is tough.  You can try to outspend, or outplay your competition, however you have to realize that Google owns 70-80% of all online searches. So you really only have two ways to play the game … Pay Google through AdWords, or deliver such great content that Google has no choice but to index […]

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