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Welcome to B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.  With over 30 years of marketing experience, “We Show You Why and Teach You How!” We will help you make the most of Social Media and Social Networking.

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Confused about what works when using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+? B2b Interactive Marketing offers you personal 1-on-1 training sessions tailored to your industry and your business. These sessions teach you how to make the most of Social Networking.

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B2b Interactive Marketing is just what it sounds like, implementing tools that allow you to interact with clients or customers.  These tools include websites, audio, video, enews, webinars and more. A lot of people just stop there, however.  What makes B2b different is the ability for us to create measurable results.

It’s much more than just setting up a setting up a website, and reading the web stats, it’s defining a strategy and methodology, and then measuring your goals vs. the results.  Then we tweak the tools and the plan to help you make the most of your marketing budgets!