3 Things Every Facebook User Wants

iStock_000014310900XSmallFacebook = Fast, Fun and Frustrating!

Facebook has so many things about it that most of us users love.  The pictures and comments are fun.  You have instant messaging.  You have the ability to check it on all your platforms. You have groups, business pages, apps, interests, family, friends and so much more.  Then, when you look at Facebook though an app like FlipBoard, you realize how much it's really missing.

It generally offers you bunches of information from your friends and fans, but there are certain features that make it less than user friendly.  More importantly…  If you are using this as a way to communicate, these flaws make it a challenge for your messages and trying to get them to people you really want to communicate with. Generally, these three problems are the things that some find frustrating when trying to communicate with friends and people we actually have relationships with…

1) Real Search

Cry2Face it.  Facebook search sucks.  LinkedIn at least makes it easy to differentiate between people, companies and groups. Twitter has a better search and the added bonus of hashtags (#keywords). Finding a business or a person on Facebook is a challenge at best.  There is no advanced search like in LinkedIn where you can filter by location or country or city, company and more.  To find a company on Facebook, you not only have to know an exact spelling, but if they use special characters or something like Inc. in their name, good luck if you did not know that!  The suggestions offered by Facebook and or Bing are mostly useless and frustraiting?

2) Consistent Messaging


When someone sends you a message, it pops up on your computer screen or your phone interface. On a desktop you cannot send back a picture without searching the person out and sending a message from there. On mobile platforms, instead of the ability to send an image you have these funky emoticons seen here (seriously regular emoticons are not enough that you have to create THESE?). Facebook changes the metaphor depending on whether you are using a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.  Most people have a challenge using one of these, without making technologically challenged people learn two or three or more??? Please create some consistency across all platforms, if you want people to use Facebook across ALL platforms!

3) Filters


Wouldn't you like to see just what you want to see… instead of everything in your news feed? Let's say you are watching a sporting event and what to see what your friends are commenting on.  There is no easy way to filter out just that content.  You have to scroll through everything from ads, to general family or friends posts, or even commentary on every topic imaginary.  I am not saying that all that other content is not useful or necessary, but if you want specific information you have to scroll through everything to find it.  Yes you can create a group or interests, but that does not filter group or general friends posts.

P.S. – The three above emoticons above are from the Facebook app on IPhone..  and I want to use these to communicate business information WHY?

Final Thoughts…

Facebook.  If you want businesses to take you seriously enough to pay for your service, you better make it easier for the people who are trying to reach us… PLEASE!!!

What are your thoughts?  What other things could you add to this list?  Comment away!

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