3 Ways to Tell If You Have a Great Social Media Post

The answer is Likes, Comments, and Shares.  Next Question?


I get those questions all the time.  How do I know when social networking is working for me?  What can I do to get more results? Why the heck am I still doing this?  The key to social media and social networking is being social, networking and producing and sharing awesome media. It's really that simple.

Then people try to over complicate it with metrics, methodologies, and memes. It's really not that complicated…  It's really about people. Are people really interested in what you have to say?  Are you connecting with them on a human level?  Is it fun, entertaining or truly informational?  What questions are you asking and what answer are you expecting?

The real answer is measurability, but what are you measuring?

iStock_000014310900XSmall1) New Fans

One very noticeable thing that happens when you have a killer post…  new fans or likes.  When you post something that resonates with your current fans, they tend to share it.  When their friends follow the bread crumbs to your post, they may explore your timeline.  If they like what they see, then they may like your business page as well!  Never be satisfied with who you are reaching now.  You should strive to expand and grow that reach.  You never know when a like, a follower, or contact number 347 or 1126… can be your lucky number and a life changer!

iStock_000012545888XSmall2) Traffic to Your Website

Although you may see a growth of interaction with your social networking (which grows your brand), don't neglect the fact that getting people to your website is where your social networking can really pay off.  After all, that is where your services and those powerful testimonials reside.  I am not saying that every post should have that goal, but if you are not seeing measurable increases in website traffic, then you should strive to find a way to do that!

iStock_000001928256XSmall3) Personal Interaction

Don't get me wrong….  likes are great (please keep liking my posts), but they can be like endorsements on LinkedIn.  On LinkedIn, people may endorse you for skills that you really posses (nice ego stoke), but they can also endorse you for Basket Weaving and Dog Behavior (bubble burst).  Recommendations (or testimonials) are the real power tool.  In most social networking, getting people to type and not just click is the desired result.  When people comment, you have a chance to converse and extend the conversation.  There is no re-like button (unless you count liking peoples comments – in most cases that's just fine).

Final Thoughts

What ever you do…  do your best to create measurable results.  If you are not measuring results, then start measuring!

What have you done to increase Fans, Website Traffic, or Interactions?  Inquiring minds want to know and we are all waiting for you personal tips and feedback?  Comment Away!

2 Responses to 3 Ways to Tell If You Have a Great Social Media Post

  1. Matt Brennan April 30, 2013 at 7:44 am #

    Nice post, Brian. The thing I’d emphasize is that while increasing your reach is hugely important, you don’t want to use social as your PR machine. It’s all about #3. Website traffic and an extended fan base are great, but it’s people with wallets or purses who buy your stuff. Talk to them!

    • Brian Basilico April 30, 2013 at 9:51 am #

      Thanks Matt – Great Point!

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