Our History

With a background in audio recording video production, web development, and using computers for marketing, we've been creatively serving customers since 1979.

O.K. This is a Resume…


It started out as a recording studio in 1979 (Body Electric Studios – Named after the closing song in the movie “Fame”). Learned what it means to serve creative customers.


Next AT&T was the name and video production was the game. Visual communication was the method to the award-winning madness.



Sound Decisions Inc. was next. This audio studio made the best of the script and spoken word. Not to mention lots of music. SDI Grew to a 1/2 million dollar company and was sold to Peak Image.



Peak Image Communications was where Interactive and CD-Rom came into full scale. Projects combined the audio and the visual with the computer.



Arthur Andersen. As webmaster and multimedia producer for the Telemedia Group, eBusiness and interactive multimedia were a prime focus.



Next Came Robert Brandt & Associates. Branding and internet advertising and marketing was the key to success.




Welcome to the Future. B2b Interactive Marketing combines audio, video, interactive, web, communications, and advertising, with branding and marketing experience of almost 30 years in the communications industry.