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Shift Happens… Start Finding New Ways To Maximize It

Today I’m kind of sad. I lost a really good long term customer, somebody I’ve been doing monthly maintenance on multiple websites and a whole bunch of other things for years. I got an email yesterday that said, “We’re here to inform you that we’re terminating your agreement as of the end of the month.” […]

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Do You Need To Utilize A Funnel Or A Marketing System?

Marketing 20-30 years ago was so much easier and yet harder. We had less choices (print, newspaper, mail, radio & TV), but we had less data (no Google Analytics, or websites, email, online video, podcasts and more). If you’re marketing online, there are a lot of new options that frankly I didn’t even know about […]

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Trust Your Intuition … With These Powerful Marketing Tools!

One of the things I love about doing my podcast ( is hosting expert interviews. Every Monday I do a monocast, and then every Wednesday I release an expert interview. I learn so much from these people. There are a lot of great podcasts out there, and I do listen to other podcasts. There are many […]

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How To Maximize New Social Media Tools For Your Audience!

Do you ever feel like you are on a social media roller coaster? There are so many new platforms and the ones you already use are changing every day. People get overwhelmed with the choices and the changes. Many just give up, because they feel like they are wasting their time when not seeing the desired […]

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Enough With The Promises … You Need Results!

Enough With The Promises I don’t know about you, but I am inundated with ads. These ads come up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I also get ads via email. These ads are promising to make you rich… right? Just go through this Facebook training and you’ll learn how to make millions of dollars online. Just hire […]

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Are You Connecting With The 6 Right People?

A Well Deserved Break Last week I took a mini vacation from blogging, podcasting and many other things. I did this because I was at a conference, down in Atlanta, called NAMS (novice to advanced marketing systems). Some of you may not have called that a vacation, but to me I just need time to recharge my batteries and […]

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Creating Engagement With New Audio and Video Tools

8 Tracks and Reel To Reels Who remembers their first Sony Walkman or portable CD player? I don’t know about you, but I found it amazing that they could take a piece of stereo equipment that used to require an amplifier and speakers to work, and condense it down into a handheld device. Most of us take that for granted today, […]

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