Do You Choose a Guru or an Expert? Neither…

Two of the best things I have done lately is adopt and ‘Awesome' dog, and get a library card.

Part One –  The Puppy!

People originally said that  Buddy Guy was lucky to find a forever home like ours. He is loved, spoiled, and adored by friends and neighbors, but truly WE are the lucky ones. He nudges the bed in the morning (at 100 lbs… a nudge = dislodging the mattress). If I am on a client call at 3pm…  he does the same to my office chair.  Let me translate, “Uh Dewd???  It's 3pm and time for my walk???”! It can be 100° or 10° below zero – Buddy Guy (just like a Honey Badger) don't care! The only thing that stops us is pouring rain or deep snow with un-shoveled roads and sidewalks.

Part Two – The Library Card!

When I was a young entrepreneur, I was a sponge.  I also knew at a young age is I was an auditory learner.  Some people are better at tactile or visual learners (hence, maybe why I opened a recording studio and was fairly successful at it). I used to listen to audio books from Nightingale Conant like “Think and Grow Rich”, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”,  and people like Zig Zigler, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and more. My business even ventured into producing some for local experts like Lillian Bjorseth and more.

Lately, I discovered something cool when I was giving a presentation at a conference.  I was downplaying  the Dewey Decimal System and the head of the local library was tweaked because I was dissing part of his livelyhood!  But he taught me something… “Libraries are cooler now… and our library now has audio books”, but not like you have to go there and listen to them on audio cassettes, “You can download to your iPod or iPhone!”.

Next…  a quick trip my local library, got a library card, then online access to a virtual library! I have downloaded audiobooks from the Aurora Public Library and even bought some from or (owned by Amazon).

Part Three – The New Me!

I have been listening to Ted talks or podcasts from The Orchard on walks with Buddy Guy for quite a while, but I recently re-discoverd the audio book, except I started listening to the Brian Tracy's and Napoleon Hill's of the Social Networking generation…  Michael Hyatt, Chris Brogan, and Seth Godin.

Chris Brogan stated that “If someone tells you they are a ‘Guru' or an ‘Expert', run the other way… fast!”. I was kinda taken aback at that statement.  I have often called myself an expert based on my knowledge and experience. I thought an expert was someone who has converted, knowledge and experience into results?  Then if you look at the definition of a Guru: “An acknowledged and influential advocate, as of a movement or idea”.  Guru also has an implied meaning that this person has achieved a plateau of total enlightenment. He is right…  things are changing so rapidly and there are new platforms, techniques and data every day, that all you can do is educate yourselves and advocate for what you have been able to execute successfully.

By rekindling my passion for audio books, I began to focus on what I really did know and how much I still had to learn. What I have learned so far (on top doing things smarter and better), is that I am more of a experienced practitioner who utilizes knowledge to create personal success, and then transposes those experiences to help others. It's through constant reading, listening and learning, then trial and error experience, that translates into measurable success for clients.

Become A Trusted Advisor

Here's some advice about becoming or finding a trusted advisor;

  1. First off look at their profiles, accounts and interactions. Are they getting lots of comments, likes and shares? If they are not creating great content that is generating interactions, then how can you trust them to do that with your messages?
  2. Avoid people who are constantly selling themselves or their products and services.  If they have to sell you that hard, chances are, what they are selling cannot stand on it's own merits.  If someone is truly that good, people find them.
  3. Find practitioners of success.  Anyone can read a book or a blog and regurgitate facts, figures, and philosophies. What you want to look for is someone who has had repeated measurable results.  Shear volume increases the chance of catching lightening in a bottle. Look for sustained results in different industries and businesses.

So while Buddy Guy sniffs out his pMail, I am sniffing out tips, techniques and ideas to improve myself and my business!

What are some of the tools you use to continue to grow as a trusted advisor?


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  1. Stephanie November 14, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    LOVE the honey badger reference, haha!!

    • B2b November 15, 2012 at 11:45 am #

      Thanks Steph

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