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If you take a look at the graphic over on the right, it shows that Google has almost 90 percent of all search engine traffic on the internet right now. Yahoo, Bing and ALL others equate for less than 10 percent of all internet traffic when it comes to searching for your website. If your business wants to be found on the internet, you'll have to learn to play nice in the Google sandbox.

Google is one of the most successful internet companies ever. It is worth over $1000 a share as of today. That is because, they understand, and practically invented the concept of search engines, internet tools, and online marketing.

“After hiring Brian to work with me on our company sites, I realized how much we didn't know. He blew me away with how fast and easily he got us back on track. The best part? We are truly getting searched and found on Google. Love that!” – Todd Pierson

B2b Interactive Marketing has been working to help companies maximize their Google presence through SEO, Google AdWords, Google Maps & Places, and more! Although most of what Google has to offer is free, they make their money from advertising. Google AdWords is one of the most surefire ways to jettison your company up the search engine rankings, but it can be expensive and ineffective when you don't have all the tools and knowledge needed to get the most for your limited budget (That's why the send you $100 coupons and call you to get you to spend money). Knowing how to do a truly effective Google AdWords campaign or set-up effective Maps & Places listings can do wonders for growing a business. It's a combination of all of the above that get your business found and create sales!

B2b Interactive Marketing has the knowledge and experience to get your company found when people are looking for you on the internet.


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