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Build It and They Will Buy?

Ever been to a get rich quick selling on eBay seminar? We have. They are not selling you a solution… they are selling you THEIR SOLUTION to make THEM money. Many sites that let you set up an eStore do this as well. Most are legit, but they let you go it alone without caring if you make money or not.

We understand most of the business models when selling online. B2b can set you up with the right solution for your business, and we can grow with you as online business grows. We start you off at a place where you make more money than you spend. Then we help you learn about the pitfalls that hamper most on-line businesses, and show you how to avoid them.

eCommerce is more than just setting up an online store and collecting money:

  1.  eCommerce Site – the Shopping Cart
    This is the core of the eCommerce System. There are many packages available from eStores, Yahoo, and shareware, such as osCommerce, and commercial packages like DigiShop. You have to look at volume of sales, cost to operate, and ease of maintenance. We offer all options, and help you choose the one that best fits YOUR NEEDS .
  2. Merchant Account
    You have to collect the money. You can either capture transactions and enter into a credit card machine, have an on-line eMerchant account, or use a system that processes your sales to a PayPal™ account. We have the tools and experience to give you the right option for your situation.
  3.  Administration – Sales Processing and Reports
    You need to be able to operate the site yourself. The more you can do, the less it will cost to operate and upgrade over time. We offer you a host of tools and options to give you the most flexible eCommerce experience at very affordable prices.

Most importantly, B2b can help you drive more traffic to your website and measure the effectiveness of all on-line and traditional marketing campaigns.  We can set you up with anything from a simple “Buy Now” button on PayPal button, to a full blown credit card processing integrated eCommerce shopping cart solution.


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