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Most traditional websites are built on the static HTML platform. This requires a little bit of knowledge of code, CSS (cascading style sheets) FTP and more. This is still one of the more common ways of building websites.

If you have seen those commercials for Quicken, GoDaddy, or One-on-One websites, those are all simply templated database tools. They do allow you to quickly create a website inexpensively, but often at the expense of creativity, usability and best practices. They do this to just to make it simple for you to create some pages.

Static HTML websites are the most creative option because you can do things that you cannot do with any templated or cookie-cutter website. If you need creative graphic options, then static HTML is your best choice.

“Brian did a terrific job in designing my web site. His work was excellent and very affordable. Brian is a pleasure to work with.” – Jack Thompson, CMP, CEM

We've created thousands of websites from scratch. Some are as simple a single pages while others are in the hundreds of pages… but whatever your need, you can be assured that we provide you with the most creative designs and user-friendly navigation that gets your users to contact you via phone or eMail, and creates a sale!

Static HTML can be intertwined with dynamic options, custom code, blogs, audio/video, and more. Whatever your needs we have the right solution.

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