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WordPress is an open source software that allows you to create blogs and websites. There are two different versions of WordPress… There's the free one at WordPress.com, and then there's the downloadable version at WordPress.org. Both have their pluses and minuses… but if you want a WordPress on steroids, B2b Interactive Marketing can help you figure out the best set up for your business.

WordPress websites are known as CMS (content management system). That means it has a built-in administration system that allows you to do just about anything you want to the website. You can update pages, add graphics, add forms, modify navigation, and more.

“Thanks for all the work you put into my new website and Facebook page. After our GoToMeeting online training session this morning (REALLY neat, by the way…) I have no doubt I'll be able to keep my site up to date. “ – Mary Ellen Levy

There are thousands of free templates available, and hundreds more of paid options. These pay-per-use templates generally offer a lot more creative freedom, cool features, and options not found in their free counterparts.  B2b Interactive Marketing can help you choose the right template and options for your budget.

Whether you are looking for cost-effective option, trying to upgrade your old website to a very cool new website, or just trying to create a blog, you can count on B2b Interactive Marketing for great WordPress solutions.

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