Noise or News? How to Remain Relevant!

full mailbox isolated on white backgroundI don't know about you, but somewhere along the way we have ALL became someone to sell to online… as apposed to human connections?  Companies (and certain people) think it's OK to fill our email inbox, Twitter feed, LinkedIn messages, and Facebook timeline with ads.  Not the paid kind that show up in feeds, but direct messages selling you everything from Viagra to “THE Webinar that's Gonna Change Your Life!”. In some cases we did give them permission, in others we had no permission based option.  It does not mean that we don't care about a good portion of their messages, but it's really made me re-think how I am trying to communicate with my audience and in the words of Seth Godin…  My Tribe!


I went golfing today (I know you feel very sorry for me).  Now that was not my only activity… I went to a networking meeting, then I went to a volunteer committee meeting, worked on a multimedia presentation for their annual meeting, then I met with a new networking contact and potential client (all before noon).   I posted a picture, and tweets, and Facebook posts that had a few comments.

When I came back to my office and checked my email, I had 135 new messages… REALLY?  Less than 10% were about my earlier posts and most were sales pitches and ads!

Why is my golfing is relevant to this blog post?  When I posted a picture and my score (comment if you care and want to know what it was),  I immediatly had a huge amount of interaction with likes and comments.  Most said “What did you shoot on the back nine?”.  The point being is that it got multiple times the interaction of my earlier posts or a reposted article that I thought would generate interest.  Was the article that boring, or was it that everyone was loving the 75 degree day and the spring weather?

So what's your choice?  Do you want to be part of the noise or the news?  Do people look forward to your posts or do they click the trash button before they finish reading the title?

Passion Prevails Over Perks…  3 Social Networking Tips

  1. Create Conversations – You have certainly heard the saying “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”. Your passions are probably sweet to some.  It can be golf, or your kids, your hobbies, your favorite sports team, or your non-profit.  Talk more about what people are interested in, and they will reward you with conversations and interactions!
  2. Share Your Passions – Teach and inform people, and you become news.  Only selling what you have to sell, and you become noise.  Invite people into your tribe by enticing them to align with your information, ask quality questions, and connect with reciprocal contacts. There is no better way to get people interested in what you have to say, then talking about what interests them!
  3. Soft Sell – If all you do is talk about yourself (even as softly veiled passion posts, followed by “BUY FROM ME” endings), you may get you some of sales, but rarely shares.  Do you ever see anything for sale from Seth Godin, or other internet marketing experts in their posts? No!  It's because they only strive for your attention and not your dollars.  Yet like a fly to their flame, we buy their books, and listen to their TED talks (at least I do!).


I am sorry if I offended some of you, but my guess is more of you are probably on the side of the equation of “How I stop this noise?”, or “How do I cut though the noise?”. You do this by creating relationships…  not by creating more things for people to ignore or delete! So what are your thoughts?  How do you become more interactive with conversations and less about the noise?

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