Social Networking – Reception vs Reality – 3 Common Mistakes

Vintage TV With Snow PatternsThere is a lot of noise and distractions out there.  Step back and think about your busy day.  How many unsolicited emails did you get today?  How many did you unsubscribe from?  How many ads did you see in your social media (the paid ones)?  How many ads did you see in your Google searches (the paid ones)? How many other ads did you see in your social media (the people who are shamelessly promoting themselves and products or services)?

In order to be heard, people have to tune you in.  Just like old TV's, you have to tweak the dial to get the best signals, but the dial is not in your hands…  it's in the hands of your audience.

Reception Vs. Reality

199Reception = how do you get people to dial in and pay attention to your messages.  Reality = what do your messages actually say to the people who actually dial in.  It's one thing to get people to notice you and your messages.  It's truly another thing to get them to engage, comment, and interact with them.  Just like TV and Radio stations advertise programs and celebrities, you have to spend some time selling the concept.  That means being educational, entertaining, and responsive, before people will simply dial you in.

189You really need to earn people's interest before you can gain enough trust for them to engage with you and your posts. You need to provide them with a reason to want to pay attention to you and your posts.  That means you need to educate them, or info-tain them before you ever get the right to sell them.  You need to drive them to meaningful and useful content that gives them something in exchange for their attention, then you may (or may not) earn that right!  If all you do is try to sell them when they click your link you may never get a second opportunity. Marketing 101 says it takes 3 to 7 impressions before someone deems you credible.  If you swing for the fences on the first pitch you are more likely to strike out!

  1. Reception – “Listen to Me”… vs Reality – “Ain't Nobody Got Time For That?”.
    We all know you want and/or need business, but I am sorry to burst your bubble, most people don't log on to the internet wondering what you have to say.  Generally, people are researching or dealing with business emails.  Really savvy marketers may divert attention with the “You need to know this NOW” deal, or “The first 100 customers get special treatment” deal… but in reality, it's still part of the noise. To get tuned in you have to generate content that appeals to your target audience.
    Solution – Get them to care more by caring more about them and their needs and wants! –  Make it THEM FOCUSED!
  2. Reception – “This Article Supports My Business”… vs Reality – “Ain't Nobody Got Time For That?”.
    Posting things from other sources once in a while is great.  Posting things from others all the time is boring.  People want to know about you and what you have to offer.  Have original ideas and content, then support it with other peoples content (not the other way around). Be thoughtful, original, insightful, but don't become an internet parrot…  just posting OPC (other peoples content) is everywhere and does not build your brand!
    Solution – Be you! Post original content and ideas first, and then supplement with support materials! –  Make it THEM FOCUSED!
  3. Reception – “My Competition Just Sucks”… vs Reality – “Ain't Nobody Got Time For That?”.
    Yes they do (maybe in your eyes)!  Bashing others just makes you look petty or playing catch up!  There are probably many bigger and better players in your business universe than you, but your focus should be on your audience .  The internet is no place to have a “Pity Party… Table for one?”. Some of your friends may care, but the internet in general can smell a whiner a mile away!  We all have a lot to teach each other so focus on that. Stay positive, stay focused, and just offer people a better mousetrap!  If you have no concept of why your mousetrap is better, then you have to figure that out first!
    Solution – Work hard to talk to your specific audience and give them a reason to explore why you are the best option for them! –  Make it THEM FOCUSED!

Final Thoughts!

Social networking is about people first…  treat them that way.  Your time is a commodity and you value it. Give your audience the same respect!  Value their time, eyes and ears!  Spend time to teach, encourage, and educate them, and if you are lucky, you might have the opportunity to sell them! Expect nothing in return and you will never be disappointed…  but you may be pleasantly surprised!

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback!

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