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The landscape for businesses is ever changing.  People are getting more interested in using Social Media to promote and grow their businesses.  But don't confuse USING Social Media as SUCCESSFUL Social Media. Some companies just dive in like… trying to assemble a gift on Christmas night… “I guess we didn't need all those extra parts?”, and it crashes and burns after just a couple of uses. Successful Social Media Marketing requires a plan, great content that people actually are interested in (Mathew Brennan's Blog), and acting like a human being by responding to posts and commenting on or liking replies.


The worst kind of user???  The one who thinks Social Networking is a big advertising machine.  I don't know what bogus seminar or webinar they went to learn that, but it's counter productive and more often than not… ANNOYING!!! The graphic to the left is just a small handful of actual posts to a LinkedIn group that I belong to.  This kind of posting just ruined interest in what was a good group of people who shared ideas and techniques to grow their business.  Now it's a ghost town with nothing but sales pitches from one person! People like this can be a cancer to a group.  So I beg you…  if you manage a group, contact these people and ask them to stop or remove them!

They truly believe that, if they beat you over the head enough with their Corn Puff Sales Pitch Posts…  You will be beaten into submission to buy their product or service…  “I want you to try and sell me harder” – Said No One EVER!

The Harder They Sell…  The Worse They Smell!

I honestly like SPAM better because I can filter that! If you have to sell your products or service that hard, it has a fatal flaw… especially when what you are selling is “Get Rich Quick with Our Marketing Tools“!  If they can't show where people are making more money than what you'll be spending with case studies and testimonials, then you are just spewing crap!

See the graphic to the right?  That big white space is all the ads being paid for that tell you how to be “#1 On Google“.  There are NONE!  It's not because Google does not allow them (well maybe), but if someone really had the answer, would they have to advertise it?  They would be #1 on Google!

This becomes more of an issue with every form posted my clients websites.  They are littered with “WE CAN MAKE YOU NUMBER ONE ON GOOGLE” posts to the Contact Us forms. Here in lies the problem…  The majority of them come from people with GMail accounts (not sanctioned by Google).  If you could really make me number one on Google…  WHY would they not be coming from (not a FREE gmail account)?  WHY would you need to email me that?  THEY would be #1 on Google and you would see that… then send you bucket loads of cash to be in the same position!  If you Google “Be Number One in Google”…  it's a virtual ghost town!

Post Smarter… Not Harder!

People appreciate your knowledge, expertise and (more often than not) opinions.  You earn the right share your info or event by posting good and relevant content 10-20 times in between your sales pitch…  anything less can be perceived as digital yelling!  Here's 3 tips to help you get more out of your posting….

  1. Whatever you post, know your audience and make it ‘THEM' focused. People are more likely to read and share your content when you are talking with them…  not ‘AT' them.
  2. If you need to direct people to your website or blog…  make it purposeful.  Give them a compelling reason to click through and say ‘Thanks' whether they do or not!
  3. Don't ROBO-POST.  Treat each Social Network as if it was an individual.  Every social networking site has a different audience.  Users of each have different expectations… so treat it that way!

Final Thoughts?

Do you have an example of a posting annoyance that you would like to share? What are your social media pet peeves? How can we all make social networking a better experience for followers?

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