Social Media

A lot of people think social networking is simply jumping on Facebook and posting something. In reality, social networking should be an extension of your face-to-face networking.

People like to do business with companies they know, like, and trust.  That just doesn't happen from one simple Facebook post or a Tweet!  It takes time to nurture and build a relationship. Doing it right can make or break your business.

We Teach You Why…  and Show You How

B2b Interactive Marketing is a nationally recognized leader in the successful use of social media as a business development tool. It all begins with designing the right strategy, building and using the right tools for your business, training on what to do and how to do it, and using tools to measure the effectiveness of your messages.

“Thank you Brian Basilico for taking the helm and guiding me as I navigate the waters of social media. I appreciate your words of wisdom as I move forward to spread the word of my memoir about raising my son with both Down Syndrome and autism.” – Teresa Rodgers Unnerstall

Yes… social media is a new and exciting way to help spread the word about your business… And we're here to get you on the right foot and help you continue down the path to success!


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