Private Coaching

Other companies may be good at setting up social media tools, but most stop short of helping you to be effective with them. B2b Interactive Marketing can help take you to the next level!

We Teach You Why…  and Show You How

Your company has a specific DNA of how to use social networking to your advantage. Without understanding your specific needs, you may not be as effective as possible in making your messages viral and generating new business. That's where we come in!

Part of almost every one of our social media projects includes a personalized webinar that teaches you the why's and the how-to's of making social media work right for you. We teach you what to post, how often, where to find engaging content, and more importantly, how to measure the success of each and every post that you put out.

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“I just participated in one of Brian's Private Coaching sessions and I learned a lot about how I can use Social Media more effectively. I had barely scratched the surface and now I have many more options. I also learned better ways to do what was already doing.” – Tom Okarma

We can help you through personal traning either through a webinar or on-site training:

  • Internet Marketing Coaching
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • LinkedIn Set-Up
  • Google Analytics and AdWords
  • WordPress Website Administration
  • And Much More…

With our customized hands-on approach, you can be assured that you will be moving in the right direction, and getting invaluable feedback while measuring your return on investment.


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